6-10 February 2013     Manavgat-Side, Antalya - Turkey

WG 15 Papers


Chair: Jana Trgalova (France)


WG15 Report: Download

Maha Abboud-Blanchard, & Fabrice Vandebrouck
Geneses Of Technology Uses: A Theoretical Model To Study The Development Of Teachers’ Practices In Technology Environments  

Hatice Akkoç
Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Practice Of Questioning In Computer Learning Environments

Iiris Attorps, Kjell Björk, Mirko Radic & Olov Viirman
Teaching Inverse Functions At Tertiary Level

Esra Balgalmis, Kathryn G. Shafer, & Erdinç Çakıroğlu
Reactions Of Pre-Service Elementary Teachers To Implementing Technology Based Mathematics Lessons

Alison Clark-Wilson
How Teachers Learn To Use Complex New Technologies In Secondary Mathematics Classrooms - The Notion Of The Hiccup 

Helge Fredriksen
Mathematics Teaching On The Web For Student Teachers: Action Research In Practice 

Andre Henning & Andrea Hoffkamp
Developing An Intuitive Concept Of Limit When Approaching The Derivative Function  

Marie Joubert
A Framework For Examining Student Learning Of Mathematics: Tasks Using Technology 

Gürcan Kaya, Veysel Akçakın, & Mehmet Bulut
The Effects Of Interactive Whiteboards On Teaching Transformational Geometry With Dynamic Mathematics Software 

Hülya Kilic
The Effects Of Dynamic Geometry Software On Learning Geometry  

Chronis Kynigos & Foteini Moustaki
On_Line Discussions About Emerging Mathematical Ideas 

Jean-Baptiste Lagrange & Giorgos Psycharis
Exploring The Potential Of Computer Environments For The Teaching And Learning Of Functions: A Double Analysis From Two Traditions Of Research  

Paul Libbrecht & Ulrich Kortenkamp
The Role Of Metadata In The Design Of Educational Activities 

Paul Libbrecht & Marc Zimmermann
Didactical Design Patterns For The Applications Of Software Tools 

Kate Mackrell, Michela Maschietto, & Sophie Soury-Lavergne,
Tasks In Technology Environments: Theory of Didactical Situations and Instrumental Genesis in a Cabri Elem Environment 

Morten Misfeldt
Instrumental Genesis In Geogebra Based Board Game Design 

Maria Alice Gravina, Marina Menna Barreto & Marcia Notare
Continuing Professional Development And Digital Media In Mathematics Education  

Per-Eskil Persson
A Problem-Solving Experiment With Ti_Nspire 

Julia Pilet, Françoise Chenevotot, Brigitte Grugeon, Naima El Kechaï & Elisabeth Delozanne
Bridging Diagnosis And Learning Of Elementary Algebra Using Technologies 

Michael Rieß & Gilbert Greefrath
Results On The Function Concept Of Lower Achieving Students Using Handheld Cas_Calculators In A Long-Term Study 

Jarmila Robová & Nad’a Vondrová
Pupils’ Role And Types Of Tasks In One_To_One Computing in Mathematics Teaching 

Santos-Trigo, Camacho-Machín, & Moreno Moreno
Using Dynamic Software To Foster Prospective Teachers’ Problem Solving Inquiry Approach 

Håkan Sollervall
Threshold Constructs Instrumenting Teachers’ Orchestration Of An Inquiry With Geogebra 

Per Storfossen
Graphic Calculator Use In Primary Schools: An Example Of An Instrumental Action Scheme 

Michal Tabach
Developing a General Framework For Instrumental Orchestration 

Jana Trgalová & Ana Paula Jahn
The Impact Of The Dynamic Geometry Resource Quality Evaluation On Teachers’ Practices  

Hans-Georg Weigand
Tests And Examinations In A Cas_Environment _ The Meaning Of Mental, Digital And Paper Representations  


Aibhín Bray
Mathematics, Technology Interventions, And Pedagogy _ Seeing The Wood From The Trees 

Maria Madalena Dullius
Continuing Formation And The Use Of Computer Resources  

Niels Grønbæk
Professional Computer Algebra Systems In Upper Secondary Mathematics  

Helia Jacinto & Susana Carreira
Techno_Mathematical Fluency In Online Mathematics Competitions: The Case Of Mike  

Ilyas Karadeniz, Ruthmea Sears, & Ahmet Colak
The Effect Of Google Sketch Up On Elemantary PreService Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Using Technology In Mathematics 

Matthias Müller
A New Instrument To Document Changes in Technological Learning Environments For Mathematical Activities Drawn From History 

Annika Pettersson
Using ICT To Support Students’ Learning Of Linear Functions  

Nilce Fátima Scheffer
Information And Communication Technologies _ ITCs And Mathematics Teaching: Researches Developed From Elementary To Higher Education.