6-10 February 2013     Manavgat-Side, Antalya - Turkey

How to Reach Antalya

By Air

Antalya International Airport is one of the biggest Airports in Turkey. Many Airlines have direct flights to Antalya but you may have a connection to the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. In such case there are local airlines' (AtlasJet, Onur Air, Pegasus, Anadolu Jet, Turkish Airlines) flights from Istanbul to Antalya every day and they can provide cheap tickets.

Several Turkish and foreign airlines have direct flights from European cities to Antalya including Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Glasgow, London (Stansted and Gatwick), Manchester, Munich, Köln, Oslo, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, and Moscow. You may want to check the following airlines:

By Bus

Using a bus to get into Turkey is another option. This is good and cheap if you're planning to get into Turkey from a nearby country such as Bulgaria, Romania or Greece. For Greece - Turkey routes you can even book tickets online through Varan Tourism for Thessaloniki - Istanbul. If you're planning to do that from a farther European country then it may get quite tiring, although you can at times find such a service, especially from Germany or Austria. From Asia, you can take buses from Georgia to Turkey in both Batumi and Tbilisi but service is irregular and one should inquire around. From Armenia one can go through Georgia by bus to Turkey. From Iran there are buses to Turkey from Tabriz and from Syria one can get a minibus (shared taxi) from Aleppo to Adana. If you're starting your journey to Turkey in Damascus, you should get the bus to Aleppo and switch to shared taxi there. Most of the intercity and international buses arrive at İtanbul Esenler Otogar from Europe.

The major bus companies are:

By Sea

Most of the routes are link Greek locations - mostly islands - with close-by Turkish locations and, a bit farther, Italy with Turkey. There are several companies operating such lines. A lot of travel agencies operate several routes between Greek Islands and Turkey. One can search for ferry departures and make reservations as well. If you're looking for a ferry from Italy to Turkey or vice-versa as well as alternatives to Greek-Turkey ferries, you should look on Aegean Ferry Services. They have a good map showing all of their ferry routes. One of the most interesting is the ferry from Ancona to Çeşme.

By Private Car

You can come to Antalya by car. But we don't recommend you to use this way because of the road conditions and custom regulations. The participants from Greece, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro may use this method.