6-10 February 2013     Manavgat-Side, Antalya - Turkey

WG 6 Papers


Chair: Thomas Lingefjärd (Sweden)


WG6 Report: Download

Lluis Albarracín & Nuria Gorgorió
Fermi Problems Involving Big Numbers: Adapting A Model To Different Situations

Jonas B. Ärlebäck, Helen Doerr & AnnMarie O’Neil
Students’ Emerging Models Of Average Rates Of Change In Context

Berta Barquero, Lidia Serrano & Vanessa Serrano
Creating Necessary Conditions For Mathematical Modelling At University Level

Alfredo Bautista, Michelle H. Wilkerson-Jerde, Roger Tobin, & Barbara Brizuela
Diversity In Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Ideas About Mathematical Models: The Role Of Educational Background

Jan Benacka & Sona Ceretkova
Excel Modelling In Upper Secondary Mathematics - A Few Tips For Learning Functions And Calculus

Maria Salett Biembengut & Emilia Melo Vieira
Mathematical Modelling In Teacher Education Courses: Style Of Thought In The International Community - ICTMA

Morten Blomhøj & Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen
The Use Of Theory In Teachers’ Modelling Projects – Experiences From An In-Service Course

Rita Borromeo Ferri & Werner Blum
Barriers And Motivations Of Primary Teachers For Implementing Modelling In Mathematics Lessons

Wolfgang Bock & Martin Bracke
Project Teaching and Mathematical Modelling In Stem Subjects: A Design Based Research Study

Cor Willem Buizert, Jeroen Spandaw, Martin Jacobs, & Marc de Vries
Themes For Mathematical Modeling That Interest Dutch Students In Secondary Education

Susana Carreira, Nelia Amado & Fatima Canário
Students’ Modelling Of Linear Functions: How Geogebra Stimulates A Geometrical Approach

Helen Doerr, Jonas Bergman Ärlebäck & AnnMarie O’Neil Ole Eley
Teaching Practices And Modelling Changing Phenomena

Ole Eley
Developing A Criterion For Optimal In Mathematical Modelling

Irene Ferrando, Lluis M. García-Raffi, Joan Gómez, & Lorena Sierra
Modelling In Spanish Secondary Education: Description Of A Practical Experience

Peter Frejd
Mathematical Modelling Disscussed By Mathematical Modellers

Abolfazl Rafiepour Gatabi & Kazem Abdolahpour
Investigating Students’ Modeling Competency Through Grade, Gender and Location

Gilbert Greefrath & Michael Riess
Solution Aids For Modelling Problems

Horst W. Hamacher & Jana Kreußler
Merging Educational And Applied Mathematics: The Example Of Locating Bus Stops

Marcus Vinicius Maltempi & Rodrigo Dalla-Vecchia
About Mathematical Modeling In The Reality Of The Cybernetic World

Nicholas Mousoulides
Parental Engagement In Modeling-Based Learning In Mathematics: An Investigation Of Teachers’ And Parents’ Beliefs

Trude Sundtjønn
Students' Discussions On A Workplace Related Task

Susanne Grünewald, Katrin Vorhölter, Nadine Krosanke, Maria Beutel, & Natalie Meyer
Teacher Behaviour In Modelling Classes


Dominique Laval
Studying The Teaching/Learning Of Algorithmes At Upper Secondary Level: First Steps

Abolfazl Rafiepour Gatabi & Fereshteh Esmaili
The Role Of Modeling On Effects Of Iranian Students

Lourdes Maria Werle de Almeida & Lilian Akemi Kato
Different Approaches To Mathematical Modeling: Possibilities for the Deductiýon of Models and The Student’s Actions