6-10 February 2013     Manavgat-Side, Antalya - Turkey

WG 14 Papers


Chair: Elena Nardi (UK)


WG14 Report: Download

Angeline Alvorado-Monroy & Maria Teresa Gonzales-Astudillo
Interactive Reconstruction Of A Definition

Christer Bergsten & Eva Jablonka
Mathematics As “Meta-Technology” And “Mind-power”: Views Of Engineering Students

Abraham Berman, Boris Koichu, & Ludmila Shvartsman
Understanding Understanding Equivalence Of Matrices

Irene Biza
Teaching Statistics To Engineering Students: The Experience Of A Newly Appointed Lecturer

Sinead Breen, Ann O’Shea, & Kirsten Pfeiffer
The Use Of Unfamiliar Tasks In First Year Calculus Courses To Aid The Transition From School To University Mathematics

Myriam Codes Valcarce & Josefa Perdomo Díaz
Initial Diagnostic Assessment To Support Learning

Younes Karimi Fardinpour & Zahra Gooya
Using “IRDO” Model To identify Errors Made By Students In Differential Equations Exams

Andrea Hoffkamp, Jörn Schnieder, & Walther Paravicini
Learning To Learn Mathematics – A Math Bridge Course Focussing On Epistemology And Thinking Strategies

Alejandro S. González-Martín
Students’ Personal Relation to Series of Real Numbers As A Consequence Of Teaching Practices

Ghislaine Gueudet
Digital Resources And Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Development At University

Thomas Hausberger
On The Concept Of (Homo)Morphism: A Key Notion In The Learning Of Abstract Algebra

Olli Hyvärinen, Peter Hästö, & Tero Vedenjuoksu
Development And Awareness Of Function Understanding In First Year University Students

Barbara Jaworski
Mathematical Understanding and Its Relation to Design of Teaching

Michael Liebendörfer & Reinhard Hochmuth
Interest In Mathematics And The First Steps At The University

Elena Nardi
Shifts In Language, Culture And Paradigm: The Supervision And Teaching Of Graduate Students In Mathematics Education

Kerstin Pettersson, Erika Stadler & Torbjörn Tambour
Development Of Students’ Understanding Of The Threshold Concept Function

Alon Pinto
Revisiting University Mathematics Teaching: A Tale of Two Instructors

Kathrin Schlarmann
Conceptual Understanding In Linear Algebra - Reconstruction Of Mathematics Students’ Mental Structures Of The Concept ‘Basis’ -

Erika Stadler, Samuel Bengmark, Hans Thunberg & Mikael Winberg
Differences Between Beginners’ And Experienced Students’ Approaches To Learning Mathematics At The University

Svein Arne Sikko & Birgit Pepin
Students’ Perceptions Of How They Learn Best in Higher Education Mathematics Courses

Amanjot Toor & Joyce Mgombelo
Undergraduate Students’ Experiences Of Identity As Capable Mathematics Learners

Olov Viirman
Teaching Functions At Tertiary Level – What Is Made Possible To Learn?

Carl Winslow
The Transition From University To High School And The Case Of Exponential Functions



Martine De Vleeschouwer, G. Gueudet & M.P. Lebaud
Teaching Complex Numbers In The Beginning Of The University Cursus

Irene Mary Duranczyk
Open Access Mathematics Textbooks: The Students’ Perspectives

Lynn Farah
Students’ PersonnalWork A Case Study: “Les Classes Preparatoires Aux Ecoles De Commerce

Tanja Hamann, Stephan Kreuzkam, Jürgen Sander, Barbara Schmidt-Thieme, & Jan-Hendrik de Wiljes
The First Academic Year – Steps On The Way To Mathematics

Karsten Schmidt & Peter M. Hussmann
Enhancing Basic Mathematical Skills In Introductory Engineering Mathematics