6-10 February 2013     Manavgat-Side, Antalya - Turkey

WG 5 Papers


Chair: Arthur Bakker (The Netherlands)  


WG5 Report: Download

Chiara Andrà & Judith Stanja
What Does It Mean To Learn Stochastics? Ideas, Symbols And Procedures for Randomness

Pedro Arteaga, Carmen Batanero, Gustavo R. Cañadas & J. Miguel Contreras
Prospective Primary School Teachers’ Errors In Building Statistical Graphs

Arthur Bakker, Xaviera van Mierlo, & Sanne Akkerman
Integrating School And Work Perspectives On Statistics In Vocational Laboratory Education

Carmen Batanero, Gustavo R. Cañadas, Pedro Arteaga & Maria M. Gea
Psychology Students’ Strategies And Semiotic Conflicts When Assessing Independence

Andreas Eckert & Per Nilsson
Contexualizing Sampling – Teaching Challenges And Possibilities

Andreas Eichler & Marcus Vogel
Principles of Tasks’ Construction Regarding Mental Models of Statistical Situations

Assumpta Estrada, Maria Manuel Nascimento, & Jose Alexandre Martins
Using Applets ForTraning Statistics with Future Primary Teachers

Daniel Frischemeier & Rolf Biehler
Design and Exploratory Evaluation of a Learning Trajectory Leading to Do Randomization Tests Facilitated by Tinkerplots

Orlando González
Conceptualizing And Assessing Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Competencies For Effective Teaching Of Variability-Related Ideas

Kjellrun Hiis Hauge
Bridging Policy Debates On Risk Assessments And Mathematical Literacy

Bridgette Jacob & Helen M. Doerr
Students’ Informal Inferential Reasoning When Working With The Sampling Distribution

Eugenia Koleza & Aristoula Kontogianni
Assessing Statistical Literacy: What Do Freshmen Know?

Caterina Primi & Francesca Chiesi
Evaluating The Efficacy Of A Training For Improving Probability And Statistics Learning In Introductory Statistics Courses.

Sandra Quintas, Helia Oliveira, & Rosa Thomas Ferreira
The Didactical Knowledge of One Secondary Mathematics Teacher On Statistical Variation

Raquel Santos & Joao Pedro da Ponte
Prospective Elementary School Teachers’ Interpretation Of Central Tendency Measures During A Statistical Investigation

Susanne Schnell
Coping With Patterns And Variability – Reconstructing Learning Pathways Towards Chance

Jorge Soto-Andrade
Metaphorical Random Walks: A Royal Road To Stochastic Thinking

Ute Sproesser & Sebastian Kuntze
Statistical Thinking And Language – A Qualitative Analysis

Ayþe Yolcu & Çiðdem Haser
8th Grade Students’ Statistical Literacy Of Average And Variation Concepts


Per Blomberg
Using a Modelling Perspective for Learning Probability

Corinne Hahn
School Statistics and Managerial Statistics: Representations and Boundary Objects

Ana Henriques & Ana Michele Cruz
Developing Statistical Literacy in Primary Level: Results of a Teaching Unit

Maria Nascimento, C. Miguel Ribeiro, J. Alexandre Martins, Fernando Martins, Manuel Vara Pires, Cristina Martins, Margarida Rodrigues, Joana Castro, & Ana Caseiro
Giving Sense to Student's Productions – A Way to Improve (Future) Teachers’ Knowledge and Training

Christine Plicht
Diagrams, Graphs and Charts in Biological Courses a System of Categories in the Overlap of Mathematics and Biology