6-10 February 2013     Manavgat-Side, Antalya - Turkey

WG 4 Papers


Chair: Philippe R. Richard (Canada-Spain)


WG4 Report: Download

Claudia Acuña & Jorge Santos
An Approach To The Construction Of The Idea Of Area With Qualitative And Quantitative Aspects

Sevil Arici & Fatma Aslan-Tutak
Using Origami To Enhance Geometric Reasoning And Achievement

Chesnais Aurelie & Munier Valérie
Learning And Teaching Geometry At The Transition From Primary To Secondary School In France: The Cases Of Axial Symmetry And Angle

Valbona Berisha, Joaquim Gimenez, & Xhevdet Thaqi
Using Geometrical Transformations In The Primary Mathematics Textbooks In Kosova And Catalonia

Annette Braconne-Michoux
Which Geometrical Working Spaces For The For The Primary School Preservice Teachers?

Elizabeth de Freitas & MaryJean Mccarthy
(Dis)Orientation And Spatial Sense: Topological Thinking In The Mıddle Grades

Francesca Ferrara & Maria Flavia Mammana
Close Your Eyes And See... An Approach To Spatial Geometry

Francesca Ferrara & Michela Maschietto
Are Mathematics Students Thinking As Kepler? Conics And Mathematical Machines

Boris Girnat
Teachers’ Geometrical Paradigms As Hidden Variables In The Context Of Mathematical Worldviews And Goals Of Education

Juan D. Godino, Teresa Fernández, Margherita Gonzato & Miguel R. Wilhelmi
Synergy Between Visual And Analytical Languages In Mathematical Thinking

Keith Jones & Taro Fujita
Characterising Triangle Congruency In Lower Secondary School: The Case Of Japan

Yusuf Koç, Mine Işıksal, Şerife Seviş, Aslıhan Osmanoğlu, Bülent Çetinkaya, Cengiz Aşkun, & Safure Bulut
An Investigation On Students’ Degree Of Acquisition Related To Van Hiele Level Of Geometric Reasoning: A Case Of 6-8th Graders In Turkey

Ana Kuzle
Constructions With Various Tools In Two Geometry Didactics Courses In The United States And Germany

Eva Swoboda
Investigating Manipulations In The Course Of Creating Symmetrical Pattern By 4-6 Year Old Children

Denis Tanguay, Loic Geeraerts, MireilleSaboya, Fabienne Venant, Lourdes Guerrero, & Christian Morales
An Activity Entailing Exactness and Approximation of Angle Measurement in a Dynamic Geometry Software

Elif Türnüklü, Elif Nur Akkaş, & Funda Gündoğdu Alayli
Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions Of Quadrilaterals And Understanding The Inclusion Relations

Seval Yetiş & Matthias Ludwig
Plane Geometry: Diagnostics And Individual Support Of Children Through Guided Interviews – A Preliminary Study On The Case Of Line Symmetry And Axial Reflection

WG4 Posters

Annette Braconne-Michoux, & Patricia Marchand
Developing Spatial Sense: A Suggestion Of Activities

Özlem Çeziktürk-Kipel
Role Of Symmetry Axes ; Undergraduate Students' Experience Of Impossible Figures With Many Modules

Marta Pytlak
Geometrical Aspects Of Generalization