6-10 February 2013     Manavgat-Side, Antalya - Turkey


CERME is the Congress of ERME, the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, and is designed to foster a communicative spirit. It deliberately and distinctively moves away from research presentations by individuals towards collaborative group work. Its main feature is a number of thematic working groups whose members work together in a common research area. Researchers wishing to present a paper at the Congress should submit the paper to one of these groups. In addition to the thematic working groups, there will be plenary presentations by invited speakers, plenary sessions in which the work of each group can be communicated to other participants; poster sessions for new researchers, and others, to communicate their work and gain feedback; and policy and purpose sessions to negotiate the work and directions of ERME.

CERME is organised by ERME whose chief aims are to promote communication, cooperation and collaboration in research in mathematics education in Europe assuming that (i) we need to know more about the research which has been done and is ongoing, and the research groups and research interests in different European countries and (ii) we need to provide opportunities for cooperation in research areas and for inter-European collaboration between researchers in joint research projects.